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Family Dentistry

Zoerhof dentistry has the ability, training, staff, and modern dental technology to treat patients of any age. They hope to welcome entire families, providing a personalized approach, whether toddlers or seniors. Please browse the pediatric dentistry page for detailed information about when to start your child’s dental care, basic oral health for children, and specific dental issues to watch for in your children.

Routine periodic dental cleanings are essential to oral health and can save money on the cost of treatment in the long run. An untreated, undetected cavity that could be restored with a $180 filling, can quickly turn into a $2000 root canal and crown. The main cause of tooth loss over the age of 40, is periodontal disease.

This is an initially painless process during which the bone and gums supporting your teeth gradually deteriorate, resulting in loose teeth, tooth loss, and frequent soft tissue infections. This process is accelerated by smoking, poor diet, and tooth grinding.

When detected early during a periodic dental cleaning and exam, periodontal disease is very treatable using more aggressive and frequent tooth cleanings. An oral cancer screening is performed at every dental cleaning (see Oral Cancer – The Facts).

Obviously, early detection of oral cancer is crucial to a successful outcome. After a thorough exam, along with x-rays, Zoerhof dentistry will determine what treatment might be required and discuss this with patients. Often there are several treatment options which vary in expense and have differing pros and cons. These can be confusing to patients. At Zoerhof dentistry, we will take the time to answer your questions and allow you to make an informed, educated decision regarding your dental treatment.